Want to place an ad email luke@realbeer.co.nz
$50+GST / month


Anyone know where I can get them?  Preferably in Auckland or online.


I need short range ones for the mash - so something like pH 4 - 6 or thereabouts.


Have googled the shit out of it and can't seem to find anything.


Yeah, I know digital meters are more accurate :-P but I stuffed my last one and the strips don't run out of batteries haha.

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I found some online once, the perfect thing, had heard of them through The Brewing Network podcasts, specific brand name, measuring very granularly between ph 5 and 6.

I excitedly ordered, with credit card details.

Got an email 2 days later stating that they don't and won't ship to NZ, and had refunded the CC payment.


Pissed off completely, this was a couple of years ago and I haven't tried again. Bah.

The brand name if I recall correctly was "colorphast"

These are probably worth a look though: http://craftbrewer.com.au/shop/details.asp?PID=761


Yeah, same thing for me really.  Wanted colorphast - Amazon won't ship them here, and works out over a hundred bucks to get some from morebeer.  Couldn't find anywhere else that was much cheaper.  Those CB ones would be the go if they went a bit lower than 5.2, cheers mate.


The SOG ones I think I'll go with as long if there's nothing else.  Cheers Dan, I checked their website too, didn't see them :-S

You ever try a pool or spa shop? They do all that gear for water treatment so they must do PH strips. Or, you could try a pet shop, people use them to check the PH of aquariums and thier dogs bums

You could also try:






Have checked some pool places and their strips never look that good.


I pass a pet store on the way home so will have to stop in a check them out (and dogs bums?  Really?).


Thermofisher have some nice ones (http://www.thermofisher.co.nz/Uploads/file/Scientific/Laboratory-Ch...), I emailed them but not reply.  Will try again.


Will flick globalscience an email too.

You may have to register with them but should give yuo access after that. Maybe better just to ring them. E-mails are easily ignored.....

Could try Merck. They aren't cheap their stuff is usually good quality.

And you'll probably have to buy a lot more than you want.


Cheers guys.


Fisher got back to me and I've just ordered some from them.


To meet their hundred dollar minimum order I had to buy a few packs.  I'll only need one so I'll post the other two up for sale when they show up if anyone's interested.

Yeah I could be keen on that bro. Sweet.



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