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Hi All


I've been using Peracetic / Peroxyacetic acid for sanitising for the last 18 months. I'm running low and would like to get some more.  Its a great no-rinse sanitiser - 4ml per litre of water goes a long way. Gear just requires some contact time with the dilution to sanitise. It breaks down to water and vinegar. Its used mostly in commercial brewing and cheese making as the most common no-rinse equipment sanitiser.


They come in 25l containers. I'm looking for brewers who are keen to buy a few litres each. If enough show an interest here then I'll start the order and figure out the logistics.


Wellington pick-up only, unless someone does the research to find a courier who is happy to ship a dangerous liquid.


Its nasty stuff in its concentrated form - skin contact will make you whiter than Michael Jackson (the singer). I've stored mine in a plastic bottle with a pump that squirts exactly 1ml per push and I haven't been bitten yet. I'll include the option of pumps in your purchase.



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Hi Steve, i'd be keen for a small amount.

Hi steve, I'd be keen also for a litre. Logistics could be an issue however as I only venture to Wellington about twice a year. Cheers




I'd like a litre and can pick-up.





Sounds great, I'll have a couple of litres please.

I can pick up in Wellington.

Sounds good, I'd be keen for 2 liters. :-)
What sort of price per litre are we looking at Steve??

Hi Steve, 

I'm keen on 2 litres.


It looks like there is enough interest to take this to the next stage. If there is much left over I could probably shift it on Trademe or do refills for all y'all.


I'll come back with some prices and options.



Where are you actually buying it from Steve?

Hi Steve.


Any more progress on this? If you're not keen to go ahead with it, I've sourced the same stuff in ChCh for $155 delivered. Does that sound right?





A bit cheaper here:


Although I would look at buying 'proxitane', basically the same thing but in equilibrium with H2O2 and acetic.  Available from cleantec-nz.co.nz

Actually that's where I got the price of $155. I guess when you add carriage and GST it all adds up.


The cleantec stuff is $255 for 20L


Anyone know where to source this stuff in Wellington?





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