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Hi guys..

Anyone know of a NZ chemical supplier you can supply commercial quantities of a powder brewery wash equivalent?

Buying the Large tubs is getting quite expensive from the home brew store...

Any suggestions welcomed.

Thanks Mark.

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Hi Mark

A crew on here did a bulk buy of Stainox (pbw substitute I'm told) which I'm keen to get in on for the next round if anyone is near reordering?

I think @Tim Low (http://www.forum.realbeer.co.nz/main/search/search?q=Tim+low) coordinated the last lot.
Thanks for that. I'd be keen into looking at this..I'll do a little research.

Cheers mark.
That stainox sounds the deal. Wonder if anyone else is keen for a share of 20kgs.. according to last post this is the minimum size they sell?

I'd be keen

I'll be in touch when we take delivery if you decide to have some. Cheers mark.

Stupid confirmation question, but you are Auckland based?

I'm probably keen for 5-10kg, depending on price and interest.  May have a few mates who are interested as well ... any preliminary idea what it could cost/kg?

Hi Mark, I'd recommend stainox after getting in on Tims deal last time. Im up for a few more kg if you've got room for another punter and you're based in Auckland.

keen for 2-3 kg

Hi Mark

Put me down for 5kg min or 10kg - whatever is left over.

Cheers, Pete
Hey Tilt - how much do you guys use for a brewery clean (Boil Kettle / Mash Tun etc) at the end of a brew day?

Half a jam jar scoop for my 70L kettle plus pump, HERMS and hoses.  I use about the same to clean the fermentor post racking to kegs.


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