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Hi All

I have a slight infestation on my hops plants this year of the Passion Vine Hopper. Has anyone else had this issue too? Any good ideas on getting rid of them? I have bought some pesticide but open to other ideas and other experiences also.


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I too have millions!  Don't know what harm, if any, they do to the hops (or other plants) and haven't tried to get rid of them but noticed this weekend that sparrows love eating them, so the whole bine is alive with little birds!

You could try enticing birds over with some seeds and see if they do the same for you.  At least it doesn't involve spraying the hops.

Thanks mate, I'm going to go buy a bird feeder this week. I think they just suck some of the juice from the bines reducing productivity. My Cascades aren't producing the cones it should.


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