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Does anyone remember the old Onehunga Spring Brewery's Old Thumper from the early 90's.  This will show your age if you do!  I was but a nipper then, but absolutely loved it and even remember a kit beer that was supposed to clone it.  This was one of my first beers I attempted to make.


I wouldn't mind trying to replicate it again.  If anyone has any suggestions about an all-grain version, I would be keen to heard them.



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Bleeding Eck...I remember selling this and Silver Fern in the Corner Bar at De Bretts in the eighties. :-)

Here is a recipe for Ringwood Old Thumper from a book (Brew Your Own British Real Ale - Graham Wheeler). If the one you liked was based on the English version, it may be a good starting point.
Thanks Smiffy.  I also have that book, but have not tried out that one yet.  May have too, but not liking the chances of it being similar to the old NZ version :)  Still, it would no doubt be good.

I found a picture of the Onehunga Spring Brewery version of Old Thumper label, and if features a boar.


The Ringwood brewery's symbol is a boar (apparently because their spent grain was/is fed to pigs), so there's a good chance that the Onehunga one is meant to be a copy of the Ringwood one.

Certainly the real Ringwood Old Thumper used to be good before the Marston's takeover, and I have recently been told that the beers haven't changed as a result of that.


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