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In today's Herald there was a large ad for a brewery called Boundary Road. They are looking for beer tasting consultants - 999 people to try 3 lager recipes which they will deliver to your home. One lucky person will be chosen to be the Chairman of Tasters and receive a home brewing kit (this is the fancy one discussed in full on this site a couple months back - the bench top $6K one).


I have entered (what the hell - I like beer). Applications are being taken at TheChosenOne.co.nz

Does anyone have further info on this beyond what is in the paper?


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Sure, they're not New Zealand owned and they're marketing department might not be on the money (excuse the pun), but we shouldn't judge the beer based on that. The pilsner actually isn't too bad.



I would classify Monteiths Pilsner as "not too bad"

BR Pilsner is about as bland as a pilsner could possibly be.....

We (Steph included) had the BR Pilsner as a calibration beer at the Consumer NZ judging. I thought it was pretty good, attempting to be Macs Hoprocker and almost succeeding. Streets ahead of Monteiths Pilsner in my opinion. That is if the sample Martin submitted for that is the same as that which is now being sold.

I concur.

Still, I'll spend the $5 they sent me elsewhere...

I would to had I been sent anything.

Finally got mine yesterday after I had given up all hope.

Will be going into MY fermenter fund...not buying cheap bulk brewed beer!

And they're back, this time with IPA and IPB. I have offered my tastebuds again, because free beer is free beer...no Williams Warn this time though :(

Why the hell not I thought ... me too
Now I just have to wait for the brewmaster to check out my application.

I laughed when I tried to select 2 answers for question 6 :)

Haha I saw that too. What turkeys.

Especially for a quiz about IPAs


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