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First post, been lurking a little while.

Wifey and I are keen to start growing some hops for brewing.  So far we've found it tricky to locate seeds, so thought this would be a good place to try!  Can anyone please point us in the right direction?

Also, are hops very sensitive to wind?  We're Wellington based... :-)

Lastly, are there are homebrewer club nights in the Wellington area?

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You'd be better off looking for rhizomes/cuttings/plants of known varieties rather than seeds. Seed grown plants are a generic lottery when it comes to taste etc, that's why all the fruit trees you buy are grafted or cutting grown, so unless you're going to grow them all and do trial brews to pick the best tasting varieties you're better off to stick to the known clones. Should be a few people here able to help you out, I've got Danscade and an unknown old English thing growing here, but I'm sure there's people closer to Wellington who can hook you up.

I saw some hop (Danscade I think) plants at mitre 10 mega in napier not too long ago. They might have some down your way too.

Thanks for the advice fellas!


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