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Hi guys

I am contemplating getting a couple of oak barrels. There are some new 20L ones floating around, but I'd much rather get a 15 gallon one. Thats to reduce the surface area of oak in contact with the beer, reduced oxygen take-up etc etc.

Anyone know where I might be able to track one/some down? Used would be preferable.

The only peoples who seem to have some are Nelson Cooperage... but... I am not willing to part with a kidney in order to obtain one (ie horrendously expensive).



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You're on :)

So what do you reckon start a barrel sour group, teams of 4 brewers per Barrel and lets get some skunky beer brewing

Raffe, Brew_sci, Haish and I have a head start with our lambic barrel. keen to get involved with a flanders project too though. If I can brew one of these in a month or so does it count? :)

I was reading about that brew, sensational result

Sounds good. Richard, where abouts are you?

In Auckland, for my sins.

Do you have 4 in your group - I'm very interested. Did my first lambic this year, didn't do that well at soba nhc, however I like it!


there will be more then 4 as most can only brews 23 easily...    there will be most likely 3 barrells   , long term flanders, lambis and a short turn around style like Hallatau pinot noir.

so that would be 225 x 3    not every one will want too (may be surprised) do all,  intending to get this up and running in new year, starting end feb first barrell fill.

I have a shelf in my man cave that can hold 3 barrels out of the way.

pm me if interested most of you have more knowledge in this space then me,   will look towards Richard for barrell guidance and anyone else in akl with large barrell experience,   this will be like a french appellation 

Peter sounds like the folk at the NHC may need to add a few more categories for this grudge match, this is going to be a hell of a laugh to see what everyone comes up with,

we should try and make sure there's a little extra annually for a case swap to taste the wares of the other groups also to add a bit more interest

Keen, shall us in christchurch meetup over a pint sometime + plan?

Yes lets drink beer and talk about beer, good plan indeed, when suits 

I guess I could join into this... such a hard decision...


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