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I'm gradually getting all the bits and pieces together to build a single tier AG rig (similar to this).  Each time I get paid I'm making an effort to buy one or two more pieces in the hope I can be up and running before summer.


I'm looking for a good supplier for SS fittings, ideally in Wellington, but that's not a deal breaker.  I plan to place a reasonably sizeable order too, so a willingness to negotiate on price will definitely help me make a decision.


I've found a US supplier (bargainfittings.com) with several kits made up which are exactly what I'm after, but surely I can find a good supplier closer to home - I'll definitely consider an Aussie supplier too because I'm over there often.


I've listed some of the parts I'm after with links to images.  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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Thanks guys.

Still haven't had a chance to talk to anzor, but looks like it will be a toss up between the socket + male or the wait to get the female from Oz. Need to figure out when I'm brewing next to make the decision haha.

From this thread it looks like most people have gone with cam lock fittings for quick disconnects.  I was having a look through the Kegking catalogue (go to http://www.kegking.com.au/index.html and 'downloads/Price List - retail' at the bottom of the links on the left had side of the page) and there are some quick disconnects on page 28 of the catalogue.  

Anyone had any experience with these quick disconnects?  They look like they are ball lock type fittings.

They look the same as the disconnects from Morebeer (http://morebeer.com/search/103848/beerwinecoffee/coffeewinebeer/Sta...) .

I got some Blichmann quick disconnects but I was a bit disappointed with them, not really what I'd call a quick disconnect.  They are basically just a 1/2" thread with an oring for sealing, so you have to wind/unwind 4 revolutions to connect/disconnect.  Not that quick....



I use them on my system and they work well, that is pretty good pricing, I got mine out of the states, they are a two piece unit with seal that is screwed together and the only thing I have found is that the thread will loosen afer a few brews and you get the odd leak until you give it a twist which if you don't realise early enough can burn the fingers,

But ather than that they are excellent to use

Thanks Hamish.  Is it the female coupling that is a two piece unit that is screwed together?  I'm imagining that the female has a sleeve that you pull back to connect and disconnect to the male, is that right?  


thats correct the females where the ones I had the issue with, as long as you make sure they are tight after a few brews they are fine, it's just something that has caught me out last weekend and I ended up with some hot fingers and a small malty puddle on the floor, they are excellent fittings though and I wouldn't use anything else

Hi All,

New to the Forum, and embarking on building a Brutus 10 Style Rig, all stainless with 100l Mash/Kettle/Boiler, Electronically controlled and on Gas...if anyone is interested I sourced all my Stainless 3 piece Valves, Camlocks, elbows, Hex Nipples, Silicone Seals etc from www.proflodynamics.com in the US.

When you order on there site it says no international sales, but flick them an email with your order an they are happy to put it in a USPS Medium Box $46 and can hold upto 10kg (thats a bit of stuff) takes 5-6 days to get here.

Camlocks range between $3-$5 each and 3 Piece SS Ball Valve 1/2" $14

Hope this helps.


add the missing W... and its http://www.proflowdynamics.com/


Thanks Paul

Is that US$ or NZ$?

Sorry thats USD, Bought myn when the dollar was good.

There are better prices for all that right here in NZ if you shop right. I am back in the S/Steel fittings game again as from this week.

That very convenient! I'm wanting to move to S/Steel QD's or camlocks soon.

I'll figure out exactly what I need and get back to you for some pricing :)

(Assuming you are also able to get the Quick Disconnects?)

I need to get some more stainless for my system, where in NZ can I get better prices other than the US supplies. I know of INZHydro, but where else ? Cheers.


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