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I'm gradually getting all the bits and pieces together to build a single tier AG rig (similar to this).  Each time I get paid I'm making an effort to buy one or two more pieces in the hope I can be up and running before summer.


I'm looking for a good supplier for SS fittings, ideally in Wellington, but that's not a deal breaker.  I plan to place a reasonably sizeable order too, so a willingness to negotiate on price will definitely help me make a decision.


I've found a US supplier (bargainfittings.com) with several kits made up which are exactly what I'm after, but surely I can find a good supplier closer to home - I'll definitely consider an Aussie supplier too because I'm over there often.


I've listed some of the parts I'm after with links to images.  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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A dozen or so would be good for me too, more is even better.  Thanks for this Tim.

Both the OD and ID of mine are slightly smaller.  The thickness is right, at 4mm.  It's probably best to go with the measurements on the site you linked to - they will be a little more snug, which is probably a good thing.

As I mentioned, mine are only slightly smaller, so there's a little bit of room for them to move around inside the camlock, but they still seal well so I'm not going to replace them until they wear out, or start leaking etc.

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Good news. I got a call from Graeme at INZ earlier today.

I think he has seen this discussion and sensibly realized there is a demand, so is getting in 250 food grade silicone seals from the manufacturer of the 1/2" camlocks.

I'll let you know when he has confirmed price/time frame etc. He thought they might be available next week (coming from Taiwan).

Hi everyone,

I've just ordered my seals from Graeme and INZ Hydro.

They're so cheap and small he is posting them out so $0 freight.

$0.25 +GST each.

Contact details are earlier in the thread or inzhydro.co.nz

Bringing this back from the dead...

Anyone know where to get stainless steel 1/2" female BSP to 1/2" hose tail fittings?

Have checked Anzor's site, they only have male BSP, will call them later today when I get home from work though...

I tried to get the same thing a couple of months ago and failed.  ANZOR never replied to my messages so I gave up and bought from Craftbrewer instead.  They didn't have exactly what I wanted so I got an internal threaded pipe and a male BSP to /1/2" hose tail instead.  Not exactly what I wanted but ultimately it's more flexible it terms of juggling fittings.

Hi denimglen,

Try contacting Evan in this thread (check out the first few pages).  He sourced everything I needed at a good price, and was excellent to deal with.  He was overseas for a while, but I think he got back to NZ in Feb.

If you are in Wellington try the Zip bathroom plumbing shop in Tawa... load of stuff in there and you can order from the book.


ahh found it.... this site I used last time (along with Bunnies) for brass and Stainless parts...

B L Marshall

Zip tawa were great when I went in there looking for something,sometimes it's not just what they stock, it's the people

Hi Evan here, yeah finally got back at the end of Feb, sorry but are no longer working in that industry. But do know that female BSP will be hard to get in NZ. I did see some on a Aussie suppliers website, and they were quite cheap, but if time is an issue try Anzor and get male threads and use a socket. hope this helps.

Yeh I cant say I have seen an female BSP hosetail in NZ either - How many were you after?

I know someone who could fabricate them if you were in a hurry...

Just looked it up, the supplier is craftbrewer.com.au and they have female BSP for $4.95 ea, they are the only BSP ones I have ever really seen. look up the plumbing section on their website.


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