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Just a quick update on the numbers, there are 7 days to go before registration closes. So far we have 5 people on the list.

If you dont know what the sjporr experiment is about, checkout these videos;



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Well our final numbers are in for the "NZ and an Aussie sjporr experiment". We have a total of 17, thank you to everybody for your support. Over the next week I will be calculating the shipping cost etc so everyone knows how much will be needed. Where possible pickups and distribution hubs will be set up to minimise costs. I am hoping that it will not cost any more than $25 per person. Plus we have some time up our sleeves to secure some sponsorship or advertising to help with the cause. Already I have had offers of donations, and help with shipping parcels, so things are looking great.

For those brewers that are still unsure of the recipe guidelines here they are.

Your brew needs to have the following grain bill for a 20ltr batch.
1.8kg     Marris Otter
1.8kg     2 row
0.9kg     Wheat Malt
0.45kg   Crystal 60
0.45kg   oats

You can then add any additional fermentable's to the grain bill as long as the total grain bill does not exceed 8.2kg.
You can add as much non-fermentables to the recipe as you like.

Hops are all up to you, you can add what ever you want, as long as the IBU is less than 45.

The yeast that you can use are;
WhiteLabs WLP001, WLP051, WLP090, Wyeast 1056, 1272

The next most important thing is the due date, we need to have all beers ready for distribution by mid June, and can they all be bottled in 750ml PET bottles please. Plastic will help keep the weight down for shipping, 17 x 750ml bottles is pushing at the 13kg mark.

Cheers Everyone, I will be in touch with updates as they occur and please contact me if you have any questions.

as SJ says "Enjoy the fruits of your labor, and brew beer"

Hi Brewers, Just a quick update

I hope everyones brewing has been going well.

The next step for me is to work out the combined shipping costs. 

For the brewers in the Craft Beer Capital we will meet up at one of the fine craft beer establishments here in Wellington for the beer swap, date and location TBC.  For everybody else outside of Wellington, can you please email me the address that you would like your beer to be delivered to. If I don't get an address from you, I will presume that you are in Wellington, and therefore the shipping costs for your beers will not be accounted for, so please send me you addresses as soon as possible.

The Combined shipping cost will take into account the cost for the beer to be sent to Wellington, and then once spilt up and repacked, the cost to ship back to the brewers outside of the Wellington region. Also the cost to send one of each beer to Stephen in the US will also be calculated. So everybody will need to provide 18 750ml PET bottles, the 18th bottle being the one sent to sjporr.

The combined shipping cost will then be split evenly between all brewers. This shipping contribution may be small, as Donations have allready been offered by brewers that couldn't participate, and I have some great news about shipping up to Auckland. A fellow home brewer has offered his services as a commercial pilot to assist in the transportation up to Auckland. Therefore if we can get one brewer up in Auckland to pick up and distribute the beers to the other Aucklanders involved that would save us all even more on the combined shipping costs.

There is still the possibility that a sponsor will be able to contribute to the shipping costs also, but before that can be secured I need to know the total, so please email me your address if you are outside of the Wellington region.

Cheers Paul

We have a location for our wellington swap, Hashigo Zake, Tuesday 11th June


the top 6 beers will be announced tomorrow, ready for there OE to the UK and US


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