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I am having serious trouble finding non alcoholic beers to socialize with for Dry July. Mates have told me Moritz, Brewdog Nanny State and Clausthaler. All which are reasonably difficult to find. I am thinking about converting a riwaka kolsch rerady in the fermenter to non alcoholic with a 30 min boil. I have heard the hops flavours and aromas boil off, would you dry hop the keg once its alc free?

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I was looking at this the other day - yes, you loose hop character, so put some more back in, maybe even start out overhopping ? And it was interesting on the temperature needed to boil off the alcohol,


Hope it goes well - let us know


Thanks JT. My research is leaning towards mashing a small grainbill high and no hops in the boil. Then after fermentation is complete, heating to 80c for around 30 mins to remove alcohol and do a hop schedule during this heating. Will keep you updated. No decent non alcohol beers out there. 


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