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Anybody tried that brewcraft no rinse sanitizer? I can't get starsan anywhere so im looking for a good alternative. Preferably no rinse like starsan. It just looks like it saves alot of time and hassle.


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Man look at this thread, I check my phone and theres 41 emails! about "a relpy to your discussion" haha. Seems opinions pretty divided about Iodophor. Ive already ordered like a 1 batch only sized amount of the stuff for my first all grain brew ( and only my 4th brew all up). Ive got nothing to compare it too, but reading all this and other sites on the net, Iodophor seems pretty safe at the recommended levels. And Jo i wanna say a huge thanks, got my pakage today and that bag is the buisness! Can't wait to use it. Hopefully this Saturaday my first all grain gets done and in the fermenter! Cheers Fellas!

Like I said , ask a different brewer and you will get a different answer.



Hahaha that is true
Sweet as mate - I hope it works for ya.
Anyone out there using Proxitane? Looks like I might be able to get hold of it in small quantity for my brew sanitation.

I am just pleased to see some others admit that they use Iodophor. I have always used it an the only complaint is that it does stain plastic. When I took my microbiology lab at uni, one of the strongest memories I have is an experiment we did comparing different antibiotics with iodine and a couple other basic cleansers. Iodine won hands down as the most effective at killing bugs. My favorite part about iodophor is that it is no rinse. I bought mine from the vet. I got a 500 ml bottle for $5 as they no longer use it. It will last me ages.

To the person who was using steam as a sterilizer - it is effective against many things and will likely result in good beer if your yeast is strong and healthy. But is your equipment sterile? No. 


That's interesting about the microbiology lab test results.  


I've used Iodophor successfully in the past too but I couldn't bring myself to "no rinse" and rinsed my plastic fermenter with boiling water from the kitchen jug.  Worked well and the rinse only took about 60 seconds which is negligible in a 5 hour brew session.

There are a few silver products out there at the moment to.....................

Was in Brewers(') Coop yesterday and they have a pallet of StarSan on order, expected here in 6ish weeks.
That is GREAT news!! Good work boys!

The Star San drought is over!


Just came back from The Brew House, Wellington and they've had a delivery of Star San 16/8oz as well as Iiodophor and the 5.2 Ph Stabliser.


16oz StarSan was $29.90 and the 8oz is $18.90

Sweet! I just purchased some


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