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Hi - anyone in God's own got a nitro setup? I am keen but nobody seems to sell the gear and bringing it in from US is pricey.  Any advice welcome.


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Hi Chris,

I got a nitro reg made up by Hoshizaki Lancer in Auckland but I think they have offices elsewhere in NZ - they require a specific fitting to mate with nitro and nitro mix cylinders so you can't use a normal co2 reg, probably because the pressures are much higher than with co2. It did cost a bit but not too over the top - around $170 maybe?

As for the gas, I use Cellarmix 20, I think - which is 20% co2 and 80% nitrogen. That's pretty standard for pouring Guinness and Murphy's. There's a doc online somewhere from Guinness regarding proper gas setup and serving of Guinness which is where I got a lot of info from.
The gas comes from BOC and have been hiring a tank from them for it. If you're going to be pouring stouts and smooth pour style beers with it, you'll probably also need a stout tap with a sprinkler type fitting in it to get the classic surge. Hoshizaki Lancer also sorted me out with that.

I couldn't recommend they more highly actually, really helpful and more than generous with their time and freebies to help sort me out.

Thanks Druid, I will check that Hoshizaki Lancer outfit out. I find it surprising none of the more commonly known suppliers carry this stuff. Appreciate you taking the time to respond. Cheers.

Might also be worth checking with Mark from Pacificool - they're in the same game in terms of supplying to the trade, and he really hooked me up the other day when I was looking for some gear. Two new Celli taps with compensators (so no more line balancing!) and long shanks for $200 - total, not each - and he threw in the John Guest connectors, Valpar line and clamps for nothing. Fantastic to deal with and really knows his stuff after 15 years in the trade. He's happy to deal with home brewers too, which is a bonus.

Just scored a similar set up from Mark at Pacificool. What a nice guy. Was extremely helpful and the Celli taps are beautiful.

Couldn't recommend him enough

I'd give a shout out for Marc at Pacificool too.

Good products, good value.
Great to deal with, knows his stuff and generous with his time and advice.


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