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Who is still deciding whether to send in their babies or not?

Go on, get 'em in! ;)


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All packaged up ready to go. Not sure how I'll go, I matched beer already brewed to categories rather than brewing to a category from the start.
Still, my first ever time so can only get better!

Good luck everyone.

I had some missed deliveries to pick up so had to go to a couple of places any way so did a price comparison and will post the prices I got here incise its useful to others. I was amazed at how much some companies wanted to courier a 6 pack, when I order a lot of stuff online and get bigger heaver boxes delivered for much less all the time. Its not that its a lot of money it just feels like a rip off when the same courier company charges you a vastly different price depending on if you pay for their services as yourself or through ordering from an online shop.

  • NZ post $18 - no insurance + long spiel about proper wrapping and how there was no insurance
  • NZ couriers $19 - no mention of insurance
  • Post haste - $13.50 in a prepaid bag (which adds a little extra protection to the package) with insurance + good friendly service

For a comparison to show how business customers (who require a pick up) get a good deal and walk ins (who drop their package at the depot) get the shaft here are brewshops shipping prices which I'm guessing are a fair reflection of what they pay the courier company.

up to 1kg $3
1kg - 2kg $6 (I'm guessing the 6 pack  is here)
2kg - 10kg $10
10kg - 15kg $15
15kg + $18

Any way rant over. $13.50 from post haste was the best I did (from 3 tries) for a 6 pack Napier to Hamilton. If someone found a cheaper courier they could post here for others.

These guys do pickup and delivery, so a 6 pack was $12...




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