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East Cost IPa/NEIPA whateveryou want to call it.

Who's done one and what was your recipe/process?

I've done a couple and they've come out nicely, I'm just interested to see peoples recipes, hops malts (oats etc.) and the yeast used.

Did u do anything different to a normal IPA or APA?

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Hey Chig,

after our conversation on Friday I went home and kegged it up - I force carbed and had some Sunday afternoon.

I've written it up already (work boredom)


Good little write up. I used it in an English IPA a while back and it produced one of the most amazingly clear beers I've brewed straight out of the fermenter (I only ever use koppafloc in the boil for finings).

I've got a good amount of Mosaic in the freezer and I'm craving another hazy IPA and also can't be bothered with the cost/hassle of a liquid yeast, but I'm going to go the other way and try it with good old US05. I would love to see a side-by-side comparison of identical beers brewed with Conan/1318 and 05 just to see how much the yeast does contribute to the style.

I just finished 2 identical batches of Grim Neaper, one with finings and bottle conditioned the other in Kegasaurus with no finings but still cold crashed. Taste difference was huge. The Kegasaurus batch was hazy, juicy with a lasting hoppy finish, The bottle finings brew was similiar at first but then a harsh bitterness which left quickly. Not apples for apples but I wont be fining a NEIPA again.

Great write up Rob, thanks!

My Mot NEIPA is cold crashing now and I'll get it in the keg this week. My observations were similar to yours - the hop character of the beer was a little more muted than what I'm used to given the quantities I put in (150g in the kettle and 150g dry hop.) However, this could be partly due to hop selection - I'm not sure whether Motueka has the same quantity of oils as Citra, Galaxy or Mosaic, gram-for-gram.

Either way, it's good to know that we have another dry yeast option for NEIPAs, even if it does require a slightly different approach to other yeasts.

PS - glad to hear your knee is back in business!


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