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East Cost IPa/NEIPA whateveryou want to call it.

Who's done one and what was your recipe/process?

I've done a couple and they've come out nicely, I'm just interested to see peoples recipes, hops malts (oats etc.) and the yeast used.

Did u do anything different to a normal IPA or APA?

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My last brew was the Grim Neaper NEIPA from Brewtopia. Recipe is here


Hopping a bit different, fist addition was first wort hopping and  first DH at high krausen. Tasting awesome

Im about to do the same as Mark with the Concord (Grim Neaper). Was curious on the yeast choice. 04 was never a favourite of mine. 

What yeast/s have you used Rob?

forthe ones I've done, I've exclusively used WY1318, its worked out really well too.

now we can get Vermont ale in Chch, I'm keen to give it a nother crack at some point.

I've been told S-04 is a good dry alternative and I've thought about using the (I think its empire) old Burton union yeast.

Thanks. Im going to run with S-04 on this one. Its a good yeast but, I have found its very fast and to manage diacetyl I've  need to respond faster with temperature. This doesn't run well with my rather lazy brewing style.

I preferred 1318 to WLP008, though both turned out good. I used 80% Gladields pale, 10% wheat and 10% flaked oats. I did FWH with Sauvin then big whirlpool with equal parts of Sauvin, Simcoe, Amarillo and Citra, same again for the dry hops, 10g/L each time!

I did find I was a little down on my efficiency, but not enough to cry about. Next time I'll just factor it in, and I'm thinking about trying 15% oats and no wheat too.

i went 20% oats on my first one. came out great (it was only APA size)


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