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Me too mate. It was obviously intended in deference but was taken as a slight.

There's so much wrong with this I don't even know where to start. I don't believe there are any international trademarks on "Maori", "King", "Maori King", or generic facial tattoos. Also, what the hell does it have to do with public health? Is there something about labelling which can make beer toxic?


Nice to see that waste of oxygen Tuku "Taxpayers Friend" Morgan involved too. Starting a dialogue? I bet they're shitting themselves!



Wouldn't mind trying a bottle, to tell the truth.



take a read of some of the comments on their facebook page,

i don't think you can call the pro maori posters ambassadors for nz tourism!

it doesn't take much to upset some people does it!

if the "dialogue" was taking place face to face you'd be looking around for the hidden camera,convinced it must be some type of wind up whilst asking yourself "is this actually happening"!

I'm sure the dialogue will take place face to face. That prick Tuku will use any excuse to nick some tax dollars and wing off over to meet with Funkwerks. I'm sure his undies will be top of the line for the meeting too.


I still can't find any link to why a public health spokesman is commenting either. That's the really weird bit.

lolololol, man, this just gets better!! That Facebook page had me laughing for a good hour!! haha
One of the things that has improved immesurably in recent years is the craft beer scene. And thank heaven for that - without it we wouldn't be able to stomach the idiot PC brigade, one of the things that has not!
sadly they have changed the name :( respect = lost for funkwerks brewery... I think they should have kept it as is...
Nah, they named it after an actual person with out asking, used some arse moko from a photobank which had no connection to the named person. I dont consider that this is a PC issue, just a matter of courtesy. Seems the common retort when someone is called on being a dick is to blame it on PC whingers. As for the facebook page, thats pretty funny, following the links to the no jews allowed story and the one about Robert A Heinlein having a shit time in 1950's NZ..he probabaly just wanted a beer after 6 oclock.
I guess Wills and Kate will be 'opening a dialogue' with these brewers then... http://www.stuff.co.nz/marlborough-express/lifestyle/beer/4936226/B...
i'd bet they named it maori king without knowing there was a maori king!

Hugh, I think not.


1. Maori King is a title, not somebody's name. If they'd named it Tuheitia Paki, they may have had a point.


2. Fair dos if they genuinely nicked the moko, but I find that hard to swallow also given the blocky and genericised nature of it on the bottle.


3. If it's not a PC issue, what the hell (for the third time) is up with the "public health" angle?


The new fashion seems not to be complaining about PC, but sweeping genuine concerns at ridiculous over-sensitivity under the carpet and claiming they are "PC whinging".


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