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Used  M44 for the first time yesterday and started regretting it shortly after opening the pack.

The yeast granules were brown and after re-hydration the foaming yest was also brown.  Sort of a milk chocolate brown.  Expiry date was 12-2019 and the yest had been well handled since I received it.  I pitched 2 packs into a 1.070 Red IPA.

Is this normal for M44?  Anyone had similar experience?  Wondering whether to get some US-05 and repitch.

I can't help but think to myself "if it's brown, flush it down"

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no, haven't tried that one, just the M42 new World Strong, which worked out really well - and the M54 Steam lager, which I'm not 100% sold on yet.

Did it kick in, how's it doing ?

I second that about M42, just used it in citra smash ale. Turned out very well, hops and malt flavours popping. I am not a fan of the M44

Interesting... Thanks guys, might have to try M42 next.  I'm a bit over US-05 and it's diacetyl at the moment.

I didn't think it was quite that good on the hops. 

More a good yeast for a Golden Ale Or Blond sort of value, depends on the balance I guess

certainly kinder on the hops than a few other Brit Ale yeasts and it's worth a go

M42 has become one of my 'go to' yeasts for ales, short lag, vigorous ferment and drops like a stone when done. Reminds me of Nottingham actually.   Seems to bottle carbonate at cooler temps too.   M54 is currently under 'evaluation'.

Its hard to go past notty...     love that yeast.  The only caveat is that the atten is HIGH.  I made a 100% golden promise / Target bitter , damn golden promise is grainy to start with, add in the lack of residual sweetness in a gp smash and it was a grain fest.   Target is not a soft fluffy hop either.

I have a Bookbinder clone I used Notty in to keg tonight/this weekend, i may repitch this cake once i have tasted the beer, will see if it dried the recipe out too much as the real thing has quite a lot of body..... 

its quite possible that this is simply repackaged notty yeast.

I haven't used Notts for a long time, but my memory thinks M42 is kinder on the hops.

I'd give Notts some consideration for next weekends little porter, but I already have an M42 in the fridge ... one day maybe

I've used M44 a few times with good results. the yeast did appear to be a little darke than things such as US-05 etc. but nothing alarming like what your describing.

a tip for M44, is the packs are 1.5g smallerthan the otherdry yeasts outthere, and it tends to be a slow starter, and really needs an overpitch to avoid lag times and the off-flavours which can sometimesbe involved in that.

for a 1.070 Red IPA i would normally pitch 4 packs of this stuff. but thats just me.

"for a 1.070 Red IPA i would normally pitch 4 packs of this stuff"

Really?  Is that for a 22L'ish batch or something bigger?

The M44 seems to be going well. Pitched at 17C and raised to 19.5 over 24 hours.  Then up to 21C over the next 2 days.

It has a massive krausen which has reached the to of the fermenter and is foaming out through the airlock.  Something I've only seen on a 1.095 Triple with Wyeast 3787.  It all seems to be going well so I'll just have to wait for the taste test.

Quick update.  This beer is now kegged and all is well.  It seems that the brown colour of the yeast is not something to be alarmed about.

I can second Robs comment ,   It does need 2 packs IMHO even for a 1.050 beer especially if its not at 18C..   on the +ve side it seems to start and finish even at 14C (tho the lag is LONG)

I like the yeast but don't like the lag gamble...  especially for a clean yeast that adds little to the beer.  I would rather use 1272 etc.


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