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Anyone know anything about these yeasts? There's not a lot online about them yet, no real info on where they're sourced etc.

I managed to get hold of a packet of their US West Coast yeast and have made a pale ale with it (still in primary). My instincts tell me this would be the same strain as US-05/1056, but their website lists attenuation as high (definitely not US05!)

In any event, the whole range looks very promising.

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I pitched an M44 slurry (2nd gen) into a Pale Ale and a Golden Ale. Stripped the hop flavour out, added some banana overtones and turned two tried and tested recipes into really bad Belgians. FG 1.006 and 1.004 respectively. Don't harvest.

Can also confirm. Do not reuse.

maybe they are a blend of yeasts...?

Oh no, just reused M44 into a hoppy pale ale this weekend. Strangely enough I checked fermentation this morning and got an overwelming apricot smell coming from the fermenter......

Interesting and good to know. Haven't had any problems reusing M07 and M79 for several generations.

Thought I might have my first 'batch to biff' in the Golden Ale, but surprisingly it's has aged OK. Not what I was aiming for, but a punch up between of US05 and a Wyeast 1214. Both very bruised, and no clear winner.

I have washed and reused the M03 in a couple of porters and the yeast seemed to perform better than first dry pitch.

Has anyone had experience using the Mangrove Jacks Belgian Ale yeast in a Duvel-style Belgian Golden Strong Ale?

I want a dry finish, and I've seen it recommended here and elsewhere for Saisons, but never golden strongs.

Otherwise I'll just get an appropriate liquid yeast.

Heard this finishes very very low, no experience myself, but supposedly a very good dry example of what you're after.

I have an ESB (TT Landlord clone-ish) cold conditioning at present which I will bottle this weekend. I used the Burton Union M79 yeast - here is my experience to date.

I was a little worried after pitching it, and doing some research. I read that a lot of people (particularly in the northern hemisphere sites) having issues with the Yeast. Concerns over slow starting, poor attenuation and it being very cloudy as well as a few ester issues. Well I must say, given these responses, I have been very pleased with the yeast to date. Whilst I havent had the final product, I havent had any concerns as yet. 

It may have been a little slow to start compared with some other yeasts, but nothing alarming. Mine dropped from OG of 1.054 to 1.013 in around a week and then dropped a further 2 points down to 1.011 following D-rest with it being warmed up a bit. I didnt bother transferring this one to secondary and gave it a further week to tidy itself up. It has been cold for about a week and it has cleared up pretty well just in primary. I would like to think it will clear up nicely in the bottle...

Might report back in a few week's once I have sampled the ESB.

(oh, I started it at 18C and raised to 20C over about 4 days, then a D-rest of 22C for 48hrs).

I've used this yeast a few times now and it has worked really well for me!  In fact, I did two brews (ESB) one after the other, a week apart using the same recipe, the same yeast, different location - I couldn't tell the difference.  They both came out at same FG, they both look really clear and taste amazing! 

In fact, I will be rebrewing this brew next weekend - it's the only beer I make that my missus actually likes!

Look forward to hearing how it turns out! 

Bumping this back up, just got an email via Grainfather that MJ's have released several new strains.


I'll be interested to see how the M54 goes with pseudo-lager style beers. And the M21 and M47 sound interesting and have got me considering adding a Belgian twist to my next IPA instead of (or as well as!) the black colour I was thinking of.


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