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Anyone know anything about these yeasts? There's not a lot online about them yet, no real info on where they're sourced etc.

I managed to get hold of a packet of their US West Coast yeast and have made a pale ale with it (still in primary). My instincts tell me this would be the same strain as US-05/1056, but their website lists attenuation as high (definitely not US05!)

In any event, the whole range looks very promising.

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The recipe said 1.056 but I actually hit 1.062 and the final gravity was 1.021.

I made a double batch of sweet stout and was supposed to do a WY1968 vs WY1099 test. Unfortunately the yeast didnt arrive on time and I ended up being forced onto dry yeast. 

I was after something English and low attenuating, the only dry yeast that didnt claim "high" attenuation was the newcastle dark so I did one batch with that and one batch with S04. 

Just kegged them a few days ago, will report back in a few days.

I am just running the Bohemia Lager M84 along side a Saf (Split 60 litre batch both in the same fridge so a good control).  Bohemia pilsner malt, munich (20%) and a few darker malts in small amounts.  1.054 OG and looking for a dry crisp finish with low hopping and nice malty taste.  Took off well in the fridge at 17 degree c with a good krausen on Sunday.  Expecting it to take two weeks to ferment out and then another week as I drop the temp from 17 to 1 degree before kegging and cold conditioning for a month.

I was going to use the helle bock yeast but the workshop was too dusty to contemplate cultivating the starters due to all the carpentry I've been attempting :)  If you are looking for dry crisp beers that show off good malty characteristics the helle bock is awesome.  First helle went from 1.045 to 0.998 and lasted three days in the keg...  I did share some of it.

having some issues with m03 that is probably my own fault

I rehydrated 1 pack and pitched into 23L at 24 degrees, OG 1.065,  that was midnight tuesday,  I was worried enough that I picked up another 2 packs Friday, rehydrated them and pitched about 530pm Friday, now 1 day later I have positive pressure and off gassing if I swirl the pail,  but no massive action going on,   pushed temp up from 20 to 23.5 to try to get some action started.  Hate it when you get no action.

I think that you need multiple packs for higher OG wort...

Will see if it can be saved, otherwise will dump this onto a Whitbread yeast cake to see if that moves her in another few days.

Can a not starting ferment be saved by a massive ie 4L starter?

Can you starter dry yeast without killing it anyways?

Wort is probably safe to leave for a week or so while I try to build a starter, if 30g of dried yeast wont start her I doubt that a wild one can.     

Hi Peter,

What temp was the water you used to rehydrate the yeast? And are you able to take a gravity reading to see where it's at now?

I made sure water was same as wort 24 degrees first time and 23 the second,  100ml first time,  200ml 2nd time with 2 packs.    I will check gravity later on, its not moving at all,  no signs of even wanting to start.    May do a 1.035 OG DME 3L starter with another pack today to try and shift things along.     There are a lot of black grains I wonder if the wort is too acid.

Sounds like you did everything right with the dry yeast. I would wait until you take a reading, it could have sneakily fermented out the beer really quickly in the first couple of days.

WOW   its now 1.025  down from 1.065  with virtually no sign of fermentation, a few bubbles early on every 40 seconds but no surface Kräusen at all.    I expected this to go off, never seen a ferment this quiet, especially as it almost blew the lid off a friends pail.

OK will leave it for the full 2 weeks to see if it can work its way down toward 1.020 and let the yeast drop out.

I'm wondering whether anyone has any info about the attenuation % for these yeasts.


The MJ's website describes the attenuation as High to Low, but I'm wanting to put these into beersmith so the qualitative description doesn't help a whole heap.

Beersmith has been updated for these yeasts now. If you go to "add ons", click Add, a list comes up of all of the new updates they have done. The one you want is called Yeast update 2013



I have to say not really knowing what each MJ yeast is, means you can't really do any decent research before using them via google etc, leading me back to Wyeast and dry us-05 and Successive generations ..

If I could add them to Dry Yeat / Whitelabs / Wyeast  conversion chart pdf file   then I would be more confident,  Brewing a batch of beer is a time consuming pastime to then ferment with an unknown strain IMHO

If there is a conversion chart out there pass it on.


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