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Malt Mechanics Conical Fermenters Kickstarter - This week!

Howdy all,

Many of you have followed our progress with the development of our conicals from the early days with Liam, the first cut as beta testers and right up through our first release of product in December 2014, which is the product many of you will know. (Some history here http://www.forum.realbeer.co.nz/forum/topics/conical-fermenters-now...)

After a great first year we have decided to take the product to the next level, adding sanitary fittings and future-proofing ourselves for a few other potential design features. This has necessitated a near full redesign of our tooling. Our facebook page and website has all the details facebook.com/MaltMechanics/

We have concurrently been working towards a kickstarter campaign which will be the start of our global launch of the product. This kicks off this week and we would love to have the continued support of our loyal fans and customers. Apologies if you have already been following our social media channels but if not, please do join in, there will be some earlybird specials for both sizes, and obviously the new design is a great update for those with a hankering for sanitary features. Long term we will continue to support our local retailers so if the timing isnt right for you, product will be back in stock around the country thereafter.

Once again, thanks for the support from the local brewing community, without it we wouldn't be here. Cheers!! Nick

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Cant wait...Nothing but 100% support from Nick great to see someone seeing a void and filling it with an affordable option.


Cheers Nathan, we are looking forward to SMaSHing it! ;)

Well done guys, all the best, Will be keeping an eye on the Kickstarter Campaign.

I just scored one. Look mean with all those stainless fittings! If you get in early you can save a few bob too.

Thanks Dan, legend! Cheers Tom, for all otheres here is the link to the Kickstarter


Cheers Guy, we appreciate the support!

I couldn't help myself, I put my name down for a 1/2 BBL today. Looking forward to it.

Thanks Tom, the response has been awesome! Cheers

I've got my name down for one too so best of luck guys!

Thanks Dave, we are stoked with the awesome support form folks on this forum. Amazing!



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