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After yet another disappointment with dealing with home brew product suppliers I have come to realise that Liberty Brewing is the ONLY supplier I have dealt with that consistently delivers quality product and service.  Their products are always fresh & well packaged and the communication & delivery is always timely.  On two separate occasions they have gone out of there way to obtain the specific product that I was after.


Unlike other suppliers, they 'get' how passionate home brewers are about what they do.  They know how important it is to deliver the products that were actually ordered, to communicate promptly when there are any issues no matter how small, their web site is reliable, their product knowledge is AWESOME and best of all they don't lose your order and screw up your precious brewing plans.


Good on ya Liberty Brewing and long may it last.  If all home brew suppliers across NZ and Australia were as good as Liberty Brewing the life of a home brewer would even better.


You haven’t already checked out Liberty Brewing, you should.




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Good on you Mr Cherry couldn't agree more Liberty is awesome!!!


Definitely my first choice; although I have only used them a few times, each was delivered on time with everything I had ordered.

I have ordered from others in the Auckland area, and after a month of waiting I finally realise that my order has been lost and I should of gone with Liberty in the first place.


Now if only they had a decent yeast range...................................................................

Agreed here too... awesome range of grains and hops, knowledgable suppliers who share a passion for quality ingredients in their brews.

+1 here for Liberty


Some more yeast in the range would be good too though



"Some more yeast in the range would be good too though"

Agreed.  If Liberty stocked yeast I wouldn't need to deal with other suppliers at all.  I appreciate how difficult that would be for them though.

Absolutely ,,, product, service ... and beer talk too

If I'm ever in the 'naki it'll be the first place to go


Hear hear! And Joseph makes a decent drop of beer too...

Liberty is a great store... Joe has taken it to new levels since Stu and I sold it. Stu and I were always (kindof) using liberty as a holding position while we got our shit sorted. Never really happened and the day-to-day supplies distracted us a little from other things so we sold it to the best people possible. 

BTW Yeast supply is not that easy. In the old days Stu and I got cock-blocked by an Australian company for selling some dry yeast ranges.

Regarding liquid yeast, purely as an example it, (at cost) it would be the following to get some liquid yeast to NZ direct from the supplkier:

For 20 portions of a very popular commerical yeast it will cost USD86.00

Shipping is another USD160.00 !!!!!  Shipping is the killer from the manufacturer unless you go grey.

**BTW You will not be able to get all of the "popular" yeasts you want via this supplier**


If we make this an even USD240 and take an average exchange rate of USD0.70 per NZD and it's still a cost price of about NZD18.00 per yeast portion. Now add margin.... retained stock..... etc. 

My advice... Buy Wyeast though realbeer.co.nz or request that liberty hold some stock of Wyeast products out of cycle and be prepared to pay a margin and not have the variety available. 


Yes, it's a bugbear, but to me it's purely understandable why the yeast range is what it is.

Buy Wyeast fresh and raring to go though realbeer.co.nz
Hmm I wonder why my reply suggesting as a good supplier for Wyeast was deleted? DMH is a good supplier and they have been in the business of quality home brew supplies for a long time. So whilst we are on the topic of suppliers is it not fair to mention that DMH has fresh wyeast always in stock for $19 per pack? Or is there some kind of favouritism censorship arrangement going on here?

Given you are on the realbeer website and suggesting people buy yeast not from realbeer but from Dunedin malthouse is probably why mate..


Thats like me coming and standing out the front of Dunedin Malt House, selling the same thing, albeit much older at a cheaper price, and trying to stop your customers walking through the door.


Also this topic isnt really about suppliers, its more sharing some love for ONE supplier who has provided the brewing community with excellent service!! Hijacking a thread with the sole intention of getting more business is not really on IMO

i saw the original post and wondered where it had got to!

i wouldn't call it a thread hijack,the topic meandered on to yeast and he mentioned another supplier,thats all and correct me if i'm wrong but are dmh not the only ones who have stock when you want it? i though realbeer did a group buy every few months or so? is bart an owner employee of dmh? if he isn't then how is his post intended to get more business? if jo starts stocking wyeast can we then not mention it on here?

The way I see it is we are all getting free use of this forum which is realbeer. And realbeer sells yeast. No they dont have it in stock all the time but what they do offer is yeast that pretty much goes straight from the lab to your doorstep. Look on the wyeast website for a NZ supplier and you will see realbeer.

I am not affiliated with realbeer, or liberty brewing, however I believe Bart is an employee of dmh? If Im wrong then I do apologise for that.


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