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Any one know where to get a M6 to 1/2 inch NPT or BSP bushing. Most of the PIDs Ive been looking at have M6 threaded probes but I want to put one in a 1/2 T. How do others solve the problem of 1/2 inch being the brewery standard and M6 being the standard for probes.

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I just got probes with 1/2" npt thread from aliexpress. About the same cost as trying to find an adapter.

Thanks I had my eye on one on ali express but that look way better

Hey Cain you got a link to the PID your looking at......I may have an alternative option

Something like this

I spoke to a guy who said he could probably tap an M6 thread into a BSP bushing for a pretty reasonable price.

On a related topic anyone got suggestions for a LWD 3000w 240v element with a 1 inch NPSM thread.

Cheers that takes a standard K type thermocouple wire so really if you got the wire ( I can send you some) you can push it into any style thermowell. you dont have to use there shitty probe.........Ill send you a pic via FB of my probe setup, Its basically the wire cable tied to a SS welding rod that hangs over the edge of my vessel>Just remember red is NOT positive for k type. From memory I didnt even bother with the probe that came with mine ( I use the same PID on my HLT) on the basis that i wanted to measure the temp in the middle of the vessel not the edge.

I like this idea of making my own probe. Reading about its a lot more simple than I imagined it would be. So can I just buy the set, cut the probe off and join the wires to create a new probe?
If so how do I join the wires, can I just twist them together and drop a blob of solder on to hold it together?Do I insulate the join before stuffing it in the thermowell?

Just be aware that from the looks of the photo that sensor is designed to screw into a blind M6 hole rather than pass through a threaded bushing.

And if you guys are referring to the standard K type thermocouple that typically come with the PIDs you need to note that the threaded portion is not fixed to the probe head - if you screw it into a bushing, etc. it will leak through between the threaded collar and probe.

As above I agree with the suggestion to buy the PID without a sensor and purchase a 1/2" NPT sensor separately

Thanks guys will definitely avoid the bushing solution

Gave up on finding an element with NPSM thread US Rheems seem to be about the only thing and most don't ship to NZ. And decided to build my own element guard using a 1 1/4 inch BSP to 2 inch tricalmp fitting so that I can just use a standard NZ element. Hermetic 1182H 3000w LWD works out about the same cost as ordering a camco or something for the states but I can just pick it up locally.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm building a RIMS tube by the way.

Another question. If I am running a 3kw element drawing 12.5w through a 40w relay do I need a heat sync?

Speaking from experience, you will need a heatshink. It run for a while, then will either melt and fail and turn off or stay stuck on!

If you go to a computer recycling place, you can get all manner of heatsinks for peanuts. They usually have a bin of aluminium, so you can find a flat plate to mount onto.


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