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Considering brewing a Helles Bock and the calculated starter volume is 8L (Sheesh).

My question is if you've done something with a starter of this size before did you chill it the night b4 to drain off a lot of the unnecessary liquid or just pitched the whole thing into the batch?

If I do pitch the whole thing will all that DME change the flavour of the beer considerably, its only a 19L batch ....

Any help be mucho appreciated

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Bah is only 4L if I use a stir plate.

Off to jacar this week for a speed controller.

Do you have all the bits/plans for a stir plate Scott?

I'm keen to DIY one after the new brewery is up and running, be keen to check out your list of parts and method if you don't mind sharing?

I've had good results from a box, a computer fan, 2 magnets and a old nokia charger :)

Yeah dummies like me need more than that. What computer fan? I went to PB Tech and they have about a gazillion to choose from.

Any computer fan that fits in said box. I used an 80 mm.

No need for speed controller? Sounds simple enough.

My one seems to work fine at the speed an old nokia phone charger is capable of running an 80mm fan at. Maybe could be a little bit faster for when the 5l flask is almost full but it's not enough of a problem for me to want to fix it.

Just a cheap ass case fan

@barry. I just googled it and it came up with a BYO article that was pretty detailed.

I made a 1.040 starter of 2L and pitched the activator pack, then chilled and pitched the 2L into 8L (just slurry)  made 8L: starter (all starters from extract) and did the same again only about 400ml of slurry finally into 23L brew,  I was quite surprise by how little slurry you get from 8L starter.

This was a munich lager yeast.    now on 2nd gen, also in the main carboy after first ferment the yeast packed real densely at bottom and looked like holy swiss cheese?,   when i repitched this I had to shake up the carboy big time to loosen it up.   not sure how 2124 behaves?   but the munich was strange.  Wyeast munich 2308

So you had no issues just pitching the slurry then?

8L (or 4L) starter for a 19L batch... flip, I would be looking at two packs for yeast.


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