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Hi All,


I'm trying to find somewhere to buy some lactobacillus to sour a beer (lightly) but can't find any on the web. Anyone know where i could get some from??





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A pot of real yogurt that still has the live culture in it?
Nice ... although I think it'll do more than just sour the beer.

Hmmm  a yogurt beer does not conjure up good images does it! I wonder if you could harvest/grow the lactobacillus from the yogurt tho?


The yogurt manufacturers here in NZ must be getting their cultures from somewhere, so I guess there will be someone selling it? Sorry I am of no help for where tho.


I know it would be cheating, but you could just add a little lactic acid?

Check out my blog where I did a lightly soured beer. Next time you're around try it out to see what you think. The thing that put me off the culture was never getting rid of it. By doing all the souring pre-boil you know it can't take hold post boil. Anyway, www.busstopbrewery.com




I'm actually planning on a Berliner Wiess in the next few months. Got my ESB test run in a week or two, then the competition brew after that then I'll do the BW as I'll be looking after a carpet crawler from November onwards and doubt I'll be in the comps for a while :o(

I believe there are some Wyeast lactobacillus cultures at Dunedin Malt House


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