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$50+GST / month


Dec Update

Got the following in my freezer that I don't have recipes for anymore or excess -

Got 30 kg all up


$40 a kg


Equinox - Ekuanot

Shipping $6. Free for 5kg or over.


Just PM me if want anything

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I could be keen on the Colombus. How old are they? And have they ever been opened?


No never been opened. Will have to repack if you just want a kg though. can chuck some nitro in.

got in Jan/Feb last year. that's when all US hops come into NZ. They're 6 months behind the NZ season America.. NZ hops get released around July.



PM'd you, cheers

anyone in AKL want to share and get 1/2 a kg with me ? 

interested in Galaxy and Mot, and us cascade (with bulk grain buy you could make epic pale ale for $1 a L here)

PM me and we can share postage etc 250g min parcel $11.5 = 4.60 per 100g...

Still got a few to sell :)

What've you got left?

everything, added another 5kg of everything.



Hi there - just saw this and was wondering if you are still trying to move these hops?

I'm after 2KG of Simcoe and 1KG of Columbus, Cascade and Chinook.



Yip, sent

Any Citra Left?

yes, as much as you want. cheers

Keen on a KG please


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