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Hey guys,

Just flogged my brewery and having a good clean up in the workshop, if you guys are after any kegs (19 litre corny) or would like an Angram hand pump give us a shout.  Also a lovely double hand pump, professionally refurbished in the UK before it was shipped (stamped and dated), still packed up.  
Also any keg fittings, lube, tube, c02 bottle, regs or glassware for yeast cultures and slanting.
2x conditioning freezers, one with a collar so fits 5 fermenters at a time.
There is also a mint 23 litre stainless conical with 1" port at the bottom,just needs a lid making for it and I can put you onto the engineer to do that if you want.  $200
If you can pick up in Auckland even better but can ship.
Posting it up the forum and TM next week otherwise.
Pm me or post here and we can discuss prices or call around with a roll full of cash and room in your truck :)

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Sorry guys got caught up last night but will try and add photos tonight.

First come first served including first posts Brett.  I'll have a chat to you about the glassware, there is quite a lot of stuff there and heaps still wrapped and packed so you might want to just take the lot.

From memory of what I photographed yesterday...

Angram single pumps are $300 each (2x left of the full working and 2x that need to be looked at)

Double mahogoany pump fully refurbed in 2013 prior to shipping with new SS drip tray and glycol connections,  Case needs some polish on the mahogany top and front but only cosmetic.  $500

5 kegs left $80 each

Keg seal kit $6

Keg disconnects $6

flared beer

flared gas in

hose connects beer out only

SS air stones (x3) $12


34x 1oz vials with metal lids for slants (heavy weight)

65 40ml vial with silicon seal lids for slants (light weight)

2 litre flasks $20

1 litre flasks $10

500ml flasks $7

Glass alcohol lamps $7

I'll double check when I get home tonight but there are heaps of other bits and pieces too. Including a spare pair of regs I think, they just need the BOC fitting which they charge an arm and a leg for but you can pick up cheap on TM

Hi Liam,

I'd be interested in a couple of your kegs, with seals/disconnects and a reg. Keen to see the photos when you post them.



Sorry guys c02 bottle and regs have been picked up by a mate of mine

Do have any kegs left? I would be interested to take what you have if any.


Sorry Dave I think there all gone but can let you know if there is one or two left over.


Thanks Liam.

i would be keen as means on a beer out and gas in post connection if you still has some there, also keen on a seal kit and a 1 litre flask. Cheers, Blake. 0272532537


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