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Hey guys,

Just flogged my brewery and having a good clean up in the workshop, if you guys are after any kegs (19 litre corny) or would like an Angram hand pump give us a shout.  Also a lovely double hand pump, professionally refurbished in the UK before it was shipped (stamped and dated), still packed up.  
Also any keg fittings, lube, tube, c02 bottle, regs or glassware for yeast cultures and slanting.
2x conditioning freezers, one with a collar so fits 5 fermenters at a time.
There is also a mint 23 litre stainless conical with 1" port at the bottom,just needs a lid making for it and I can put you onto the engineer to do that if you want.  $200
If you can pick up in Auckland even better but can ship.
Posting it up the forum and TM next week otherwise.
Pm me or post here and we can discuss prices or call around with a roll full of cash and room in your truck :)

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Hi Liam, im keen on the hand pump, will pm you for details. Cheers

Cheers Peter, 

3 near perfect hand pumps and two that pump ok but need some work, if I get a chance I'll pull them apart this arvo but looks like its clearing up so hauling stuff to the tip looks like it might on instead :)

Just taken photos and will post shortly.


Hope I'm near the front of the line for one of the working hand pumps

One is yours mate, mail sent and meet you in Auckland when you're here.  They are bloody good kids!

hey mate how much you want for ya glassware and 1 of ya hand pumps


Sorry late response Brett, you're first in line though if you want a pump.  Loads of glassware if you want to list what your after.  If you want to buy a job load I'll give you a good price but I'd prefer not to ship it.

Third working pump is yours Brett if you're after it, just let me know



May be keen on a whole kegging setup - I'm looking to move away from bottling.  I'll drop you a request if you can send through a photo and ballpark cost please,


Hi Liam,

I'd be keen for some kegs, a co2 bottle, and maybe some other odds and sods. I'm in Auckland so could maybe swing by to see what you have on offer.

Ill send you a PM.
Mate sounds bloody drastic! Hope you're all good?

All good mate just having a clear out and setting up a new brewery

I am after a reg and disconnects and beer/gas line etc. do you have any taps for sale?


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