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Hi guys,

I know we have a reasonable collection of brewers from around the Kapiti Coast / Horowhenua area.  I'm sure there are others like me that have noticed that our LHBS tends to be geared more around distillation and kit brewing (not being dismissive of these at all) and doesn't tend to cater to all grain brewing with associated equipment particularly well.  I'm interested in rectifying that and have gone some way down that path but I need some assistance and this is where I really need you.

I'm happy to go out on a limb but as you'd appreciate, the costs of doing so aren't immaterial so before taking the leap of faith it'd be useful to get an actual idea of how many people would avail themselves of the gap in our local market.  So, if you'd like somewhere local where you can pop in, buy your grains (milled or unmilled), hops, yeasts etc with an ever increasing amount of fittings and hoses etc, or even just to chew the fat about brewing and beer etc it'd be great if you'd yell out and indicate that it may be beneficial for you.

I'd also thought there may be scope to build up a bit of a local community around home brewing up the coast if there was an appetite for it?  God knows we've got a lot of local breweries that are doing awesome things with Duncans, North End and of course Tuatara (My absolute apologies to any that I may have missed).

I'm truly interested in your feedback so by all means let me know if it's a good idea, or equally whether its not necessary and is fundamentally stupid :)



Note - admins, my apologies if I've placed this in the wrong location - if so, please feel free to move accordingly.

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Great feedback Ian - thanks very much!  

Just moved to Te Horo 4 weeks ago.

As I still working Wellington I am use to getting grains, hops etc from Baylands, Brewtopia etc but still happy to look a closer sources when in need.

I only do AG beer, mead and occasionally a turbo cider.

Thanks Grant.  Ironic timing really as I was watching your HBW video a couple of nights ago and was guessing you were somewhere around Te Horo / Pekapeka area :)

Haha... yep went Rural not Ferral (Australian).


I think there is plenty of room in the market especially for fresh ingredients. Wish I had time myself. Good luck . I am further up the line but happy to buy online. Baylands prices seem to have climbed recently.


OK guys, some of you may be aware but I wanted to publicise a bit more widely that we are up and running with a good selection of products for both all grain and kit/extract brewers so check out our website at http://www.brewhub.co.nz and like/share us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/brewhubnz  If there are any specific products that you are interested in and we don't stock, by all means drop us a note and we'll see what we can do.  Also keen on any feedback (both good and bad) as our prime aim is to help you guys out.

We supply nationwide and have very favourable courier costs - particularly for the lower and central North Island!




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