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Being an entrant in this years Comp and still waiting for my feedback, is there anyone from SOBA who can confirm when the judging sheets will be sent out and if the official BJCP methods were used in this years comp.

There was some comment in early October that Judging sheets would be sent out within a couple of weeks, alas nothing received here.



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Rob has been waiting for the medals to arrive so he can send out sheets and medals at the same time.
Excellent! - Thanks for your reply Greig


Geah Geah.

Received my medal+certificate and judging sheets today.

Cheers guys!!!
Yeah got my stuff yesterday and just have to say well done to everyone involved in this. Its been really well run and feedback has been timely and, unlike the feedback from the student section of the A&P wine show, constructive. The medals look great too....if only they had them last year!!

Would like to see a full list of scores from each category though if someone has it....

Nothing received here in Napier yet, maybe there are two postings as Sparky and Fairlane (both in Napier) have received theirs. Can anyone elaborate?

While not involved in sending out medals, as SOBA secretary, I certainly post a lot of stuff around the country, and have been really let down by NZ post on many occasions. Delivery can be sporadic, and the percentage of people telling me they never received membership cards is much higher than I feel it should be.

I'd give it another couple of days, then check with Rob.
Yes mine arrived yesterday

Thanks to all to all involved
Have received my result sheets, great feedback, big thanks to all involved in organising and running the event.

Just out of interest, can anyone give us an idea of what the highest, lowest and average scores were (overall, not necessarily by category)? Would be quite good to get a feel for whether the scores we got were towards the top, bottom or middle of the pack, for comparative purposes...


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