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At least there are some good deals to be had in the short term!

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It sure is a sad day but any day of the week health becomes more important than all else so all the best weather it is yourself or another Liberty person who is not well right now. 

Being in the Tron I only ordered a few times (for the Mash Up kit and for some hops) but each time was on time and very friendly and professional. 

Liberty Homebrewing will be missed.

Cheers bro. Nobody is unwell at this stage, we just have to prevent any chances of Christina and Jsckson becoming unwell: they both got diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis late last year. Their cases aren't as bad as what you'd google search for... but we still have to prevent any bad outcomes.

Sorry to hear the news too.  Hopefully this is only a temporary set back.  After dedicated following of Liberty beers in recent times I hope this doesn't mean Liberty brewing are having to scale down too....All the best and here's to good health for the Liberty (Wood) family.

Cheers mate... you've been a great customer. We'll be OK bro... just have to minimise any risk of worsening their condition. The brewery wont be getting scaled down mate: that's a guarantee.

Yep - getting rid of grain milling/malt and other dust sounds a solid plan.  I've worked in the CF field in the past and still have contacts on the physio side of things - so happy to help out with info etc. if you think it'd be useful.

And definitely glad to hear Liberty brewing will be continuing its meteoric rise to brewing stardom!

A sad day for homebrewing in NZ indeed.  Thanks Jo & Christina for all your work and helping raise the bar for homebrew suppliers.  You have always been the most knowledgeable suppliers.  You gotta do the right thing though...

Cheers bro. Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for the great help and service over the years Joe. You guys were the only place to get a decent range of ingredients for ages, and I wouldn't have gotten to brew with great hops like Amarillo if it wasn't for your making them available. 

Cheers, and best wishes to you guys- I'll be commiserating the closure of my favourite brew shop with an Alpha Dogg tonight.

Cheers mate... you've been a great customer - and it's been aweomse to have met you in recent times. Enjoy the beer!

Well good news that it's precautionary. Must have been hard to do.

At least the supplies scene is all the better for having had you trading, it's a much better place than before you took on Liberty.

And at least we're losing just the shop front, not all the good advice that you pop up with.

I hope it all goes well and the Liberty beers keep coming through strong

cheers, jt

Family always comes first. You were my go to guy and I always got what I needed when I needed it. Cheers and best wishes for the family.

Cheers JT and Paul.


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