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$50+GST / month


Does anyone know the Weight or value limit for hop pellets, if i was to bulk import a whole bunch?

someone said 4kg before having to pay taxes to me the other day, but i figured someone might know?

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Pretty sure it's $400 before they throw GST on it.

Remember that includes shipping... 

thanks pierre, so theres no weight limit?

i was thinking of doing a bulk buy with some friends for some of those rare hops (azacca, blanc, mandarina etc.)

i also found a hop called denali which has good reviews over on hbt.com 

sitting at 8lbs currently.

who are you looking at using?

Well worth buying a vacuum packer for hop longevity.  Hop availability is getting to be a bit of an issue for me - a lot of american hops seem to be out and we're just waiting for delivery


yeah i've got a vacuum sealer for hop longevity. also stored in freezer.

Just wondered, are there any issues bringing them in because they are plant material?

no issues, many people import from that supplier

Pretty sure that commercially packed plant material is OK

Pelletized hops are OK. Hop cones can not be imported.

I've always had great service from Yakima Valley Hops, but I find shipping via YouPost is a bit cheaper.


Can you elaborate?

Ah, I meant YouShop - www.nzpost.co.nz/tools/youshop

I'd never really thought of it but by the looks you can just order direct from Yakima anyway even in smaller amounts - Looks around $4 per 100g + postage if you buy by the pound. What kind of shipping costs did you come out at Kevin?

My last order was for 4 pounds of hops in December 2016. I paid US$6 for shipping to the YouShop depot and NZ$22 for shipping to my PO Box.


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