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$50+GST / month


Can I say that, or has IPONZ pooed all over another one?

Anyway, its been a while, and some Auckland SOBA types are probably sick of me talking about it, but it's on.

Hopscotch Beer Company will be having a soft opening next week, maybe, (if the Port works) and my refrigeration plant gets installed as planned.

Hopscotch will focus on providing beer for the thirsty Auckland drinker, too long jealous of Christchurch and Wellingtons tap beer for takeaway options.

I will have 12 taps, four of which will be constantly changing around, regulars will be from West Coast, Epic, Croucher, Mikes and Townsend.

I have no big brewery up me bum, no big birds or giant pussies own anything, so if it's good, I can sell it.

Longer term I will supply grain and hops for inner city brewers, and rent out party kegs and dispense units (I will bust my secret supply of Amarillo out).

Anyway as soon as I have cold fridge I will post it, going as fast as I can make tradesmen make.

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$10 for ze German1L Growler. Gabriath's sell 2.5s which I will fill.  Trons getting some growler filling soon I hear.

I just stopped by here today after work. Absolutely fantastic... keep up the good work Hugh! 


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