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Are any other hop growers in Chch getting a good crop this year. My plant has grown taller than previous years but is barely getting side arms. I thought it was just going to be a late start due to the crap summer we've had so far but it is now starting to flower.

Is this happening to anyone else? And what would be the cause?


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First time grower here in Welly... over 7m tall but the hops are only on the top 1.5 meters (or so). Not sure if this is normal or not.

And how long are the side arms Grant. Are they only on the top 1.5m or so? The hops do usually grow near the top but i would've thought they'd come down lower than that.

Me too... I think I gave them too high a post to grow on. Next year I'll give them a 5m post instead... see if that helps.

Second year crop on mine in Auckland and they're 6-7m tall.  There are plenty of laterals but mostly from 2-3m and above.  I think I've read elsewhere that some of the things that limit lateral growth are strong winds, lack of water and lack of food. I say give em a good water regularly  and feed them a bit and see what happens.

They've been well watered but i haven't fed them much. There are always winds in Chch but i don't think any worse than other years. Cheers, something to keep in mind for next year.

It has been blowing its arse off this year here in Chch. Might be a combo of wind and not enough food? I remember reading somewhere that hops needed to be fed rather a lot.

Could well be feeding. I've been feeding mine manure (high in N for leaf and shoot growth) and once they reached the top of the trellis they've been getting comfrey tea (high in K for flower and fruit development). They seem to have lots of side shoots and are just coming into flower.

Keep up the water during flowering to set lots of cones.

Good advice, cheers.

If I feed the hops more often the will be joining the national obese statistic

I thought it had been windy for Chch this year. Or maybe I just notice it more now I sit close to a window.

Mine in the shop has some laterals coming from the very base :) but it is only about 3m long.

The one at home is going great guns and just starting to do laterals. Would nipping the top off the main hop vine encourage laterals to form?


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