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Hey ya'll,

Haven't had much time to brew lately :( and with a kilo each of Simcoe and Amarillo to get through, these stocks are just taking up freezer space. Basically selling these at cost, just want them to see some love. 

All 3 of these are from NikoBrew in the states, come in vacuum packed, foil bags and in my experience are extremely fresh! They're full pounds (454g per pack). Alpha acids and harvest year included in desc. Don't let the 2011 harvest date on the Centennial fool you, I got 2 packs of this and the one I've used was fresh, green and smelling excellent. 

In the interests of making this cost effective, it's probably best that these are picked up from me in Auckland, or I can bring them along on a SOBA friday. Otherwise, shipping will be between $5.50 and $8.60 (NZPost parcel post) depending on whether you're rural, want it tracked, etc etc. 

US Cascade: 2012 Harvest - 4.3% AA - $25  SOLD

Centennial 2011 Harvest - 11.6% AA - $35 SOLD

Columbus / CTZ 2012 Harvest - 17.5%!! - $25

Additionally, I've got about 400g of Northern Brewer - would prefer not to ship this as it's already opened (but frozen), so any Aucklanders looking to use NB in their WBC American Brown.. Give me a yell! Also have some odds and ends that I would be happy to give to someone for free when they purchase some of the above full pounds - 40g Falconers Flight, 30g Pacific Jade, 10g NZ Cascade. All gone

Only the Columbus left ;)

Happy days,



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Hey Kelly - I'm keen to take the Cascade, Northern Brewer and bits and pieces off your hands.  No worries with picking up either.


sold! :)

I'll take the centennial if it's still going?

Sure thing

Only columbus left folks, Get some Pliny clones going! at 17.5% AA you should be able to effectively avoid the vegatative issues that force Russian River to use hop extract for their bittering addition ;)


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