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Hey Guys,

I am looking to brew a Coffee Porter this weekend based on Gladfields Porter base (will half the grain bill below for my first attempt):

5.7kg Ale Malt (82%)
0.42kg Medium Crystal malt (6%)
0.320kg Roasted Wheat (4.5%)
0.32kg Light chocolate malt (4.5%)
0.2kg dark chocolate malt (3%)

Target Original Gravity 1.061
Estimated ABV 6.3%
Target IBU 33
Mash at 67.5C

Plan to use Mangrove Jacks M44 as have a few packets in the fridge.

Am planning on adding some cold steeped coffee to the fermenter cold once the wort is chilled to pitch temp (or should I add it to flame out while still hot?)

Am keen to keep it NZ hops if I can. In the freezer I currently have Cascade, small amount of Riwaka, Motueka and some Nelson Sav. Also small amount of Centennial and Nugget. Would any type of combo of the above work well with the coffee in anyone's experience?

Thanks in advance guys

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My last Coffee Porter was bittered with Cascade and used Centennial/Cascade late to 65IBU's. This hop combo worked well with the steeped coffee which I added like a dry hop. I did notice the longer in the bottle though the stronger the coffee flavour was so may pay to be conservative on amounts. Mine was balanced early on in the bottle with 50g steeped coffee but at 6 months was over the top. Cheers

Thanks Mark,

With your coffee, was it 50g of groud coffee steeped in water, or 50g of the resulting brew once steeped? What was the ABV% for your brew? 

Was 50g ground coffee steeped in a full plunger and my brew was 6 % abv. I mashed at 66c which I thought was perfect as it didn't have much body which I liked with this style.

Thanks Mark, Appreciated!

I wouldn't add the coffee until the primary fermentation is complete - that way you won't get those aromas scrubbed out.

I have a coffee Stout recipe that uses NS for bittering, fuggles and cascade, I've only ever made one dark beer but I'd probably avoid Mot and Riwaka - i reckon they'd be lost against the malt.

Let us know how it goes - I'm going to throw down a coffee stout next weekend, it's definitely starting to feel like that time of year...

The best results I have had were with ~50g ground coffee steeped in vodka overnight. Filter using a coffee filter and add the filtered essence to the bottling bucket or keg.

I make a cracking coffee porter using Chinnok and Willamette, I cold brew the coffee for around seven days in boiled cold water then add to the fermenter just before cold crashing 

Pale malt is my base with some munich,chocolate and crystal added in




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