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OK. So the title for this is kind of "click-baity."


It is maddening to work on a loved recipe, only to find that the hops one wants are not available.I have struck out on 3 recipes today.


Does anyone in WLG have any of these 3 available for a swap or to sell? If so, I might be able to pull together one of the recipes this weekend:





Cheers folks, and happy brewing whether you can help or not. I look forward to rahahb later today. :)

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i have 3 of those 4, but sadly Im up here in Tauranga sorry bud, and some are been sitting in the freezer for a few months now...

Tauranga is just a short drive from WLG. >_/p>

Just kidding mate! I would have to really have wanted to do this badly to drive that far, aye.

The Brewhouse in welly have northdown and goldings.. its the same hop just not grown in east kent.

If your not opposed to a small courier charge surely you could find your preferred hops from a homebrew shop with an online presence, of which there are many

Cheers Jamis...

I was hoping to brew this weekend, so online was not an option.

I find that EKG and Goldings seem to be a different to me. The recipe I was wanting to do would have hand Northdown with Challenger.

I will order some this week from elsewhere in the country if I find any, and just brew next weekend. Otherwise it will just be another APA.


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