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$50+GST / month


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So that's why there's no US-05 left in town ?
Pity it was pretty much just a brewcraft plug :o(

lol, off topic, but I had a brew day at mine on saturday, and we were bitching about brewcraft, then I remembered that my neighbour (who was in earshot) is married to one of the managers of brewcraft ;oP lol I didnt feel bad tho..
Brewcraft have the market in NZ as they seem to be the preferred supplier for a lot of the bigger fish. As Stu has found, unless you have a retail store they are not interested (been there tried it).

I shop overseas for many of my supplies as it is usually cheaper than a BC LHBS, especially when you order X number of the things you need! I'll buy those things locally when I get the range I want at a decent price!


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