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Hi all,

I want to upgrade my old HLT (an Agee preserver) to make it a bit more reliable at hitting temperatures, especially since the original thermostat stopped working.  I'm not quite sure how best to do this but from what I read, people use PID controllers. What kind would I need, and what's the deal with SSRs? Do you only need those for holding a consistent boil?

As for the probe, the preserver already has an 8mm well for a thermostat probe inside (see photos). What type of probe do you recommend?




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Can't help, but I'm interested, being a fellow Agee Preserver user (with the totally inaccurate thermostat!!!).

Hey mate Ive only ever used full programmable PID controllers for flow control, havent used the auto ones for temperature control so I cant really tell you. Maybe they have a better hysteresis than standard temperature controllers? SSR are a movement free version of the standard Electro-Mech relay. When you find out your current draw you will be able to find a suitable relay of any variety doesn't have to be SSR. Once you have your controller it will work with a certain probe like a K type thermocouple or thermistor etc.

Great, thanks guys.

So I'd be looking at one of these PID controllers, and for the 10A load of the preserver, a 25A SSR and heatsink like this, and then maybe a thermocouple like this that fits inside the preserver's thermowell?

Can you calibrate the PID so that the temperature measured by it is adjusted to match a reference thermometer reading?


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