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Hey all,

This question has been asked before but not for a few year from what I can see.

Has anyone found a local source (NZ or AUS) for good quality, potentially custom made brew-in-a-bag grain bags?

The cheap one I bought from my local home brewing supplies store lasted one brew and got a small hole in it. I'm after something a bit sturdier made of stronger material with better stitching and handles.

Here are a few examples of ones that look really good but end up being quite pricey when you factor shipping in:

https://www.bagbrewer.com/order-a-bag.html - $35US (not sure about shipping)

https://biabbags.webs.com/ - $22US + $10US shipping

https://www.brewinabag.com/products/the-brew-bag-for-kettles?varian... - $35US + $15US shipping. These look the best to me but is going to end up being around $80NZ which seems a lot for a bag.

https://www.mashedin.beer/collections/custom-brew-in-a-bag-biab/pro... - $39.99CA + $27.21CA shipping. These look quite good too.

I have a grill (false bottom) in my pot to hold the bag off the element. I want to sew some little hooks to the bag to attach to the grill so that when I lift the bag out the grill comes with it. I have made some hooks to hold the grill near the top of the pot so it can rest there while draining. 

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I can definitely vouch for the bags from bagbrewer.com - they are seriously well made. I've brewed about 30 batches off the one I had made and it's still as solid as new. Yes it's priceyish but I'm a firm believer in you pay for what you get.

My wife is professional sewer, the one she made for me is still going strong. I think material choice is important, bought ours from spotlight. She made a cylinder shape to match the pot shape.

I started with a homemade one, it was good but not quite the right shape for my kettle and I ended up snagging it on something. I've now got one of the ones from brewinabag.com, they're really good. If you can get a few people together to combine postage the price comes down a bit.


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