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I had a go do in my first all grain BIAB yesterday and couldn't get the wort to boil. I’m using one of those cheapo 2 ring burners from Bunnings and a normal bbq regulator and bottle. In the end i did a split boil on my stove and hit my expected gravity numbers on the nose. Is there anything i can do to make this burner better or do i need to upgrade? I was boiling in a 40L aluminium pot

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Cutting a round hole in your boil kettle lid like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zsrxfgPumbc/UUVL4D0OlrI/AAAAAAAAARo/w-ZHD... http://banksbrewing.blogspot.co.nz/ mimics boil kettles in pro breweries and will help your boil. You can add tags to the removed bit so you can re-add it during mash and getting up to boil. This is probably the cheapest burner upgrade http://www.trademe.co.nz/sports/camping-outdoors/cooking-food/two-t... I use one of those and boils 57L preboil fine for 40L double batches. The ones on allgrain are pretty awesome though for not much more expenditure...

just bumping this thread to say i ended up getting a hurricane burner from Karl at allgrain. he was awesome to deal with. I cant wait to try it out

Nice work! Let us know what boil times you get with it.

just brewed an ESB today. forgot to time how long it took to heat my strike water but it only took 15 minutes to get it to boil after mashing out. 10 seconds later it boiled over. i was done and dusted in 4 hours instead of the 7.5 hours it took last time so it was a worthwhile purchase

Excellent! Just used mine on Sunday and it's all good.


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