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I am looking at an easy way to remove my kegerator co2 bottle and reg so I can use it for other purposes like pressure transfers from fermenters. I have found these which would be ideal, but dont seem to be available here...


Anyone use some other kind of setup?


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These are great,  quite high quality, I use them... I think I got them from morebeer too, I dont know why nz homebrew stores wouldnt stock them, maybe u just need to order them from morebeer.. it doesnt take that long these days 

Would Duotight fittings work as well?

Pretty easy to connect and disconnect hoses from them, dirt cheap as well


I just use a CO2 distributor like this:


At the end of each hose going to it, I have a gas connector to connect as needed. Obviously this would not be great if everything is far away, but I keep my fridges, fermentation chamber, etc... quite close. 


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