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$50+GST / month


I've got a spare (now) sodastream adaptor and 2 empty bottles (refills at Briscoes -30% so about $9 to swap them). All you need is a Reg and some connectors and you can gas kegs easily. I have a full split Co2 system now so its doing nothing. $30.

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Where are you Colin?  I'm interested in setting up a portable party keg system so might be keen.

Ah sorry, Wellington.

If you pass on this Tilt, and Colin if you have no luck, then id be keen on just the adapter if you were happy to split it up. I have a couple soda stream bottles already. I'm also in Auckland so you may or not want to be bothered with posting it to me. Id cover the cost of course.

Thanks Colin, I might have to pass on this then - its probably the bottles I'm more interested in. I figure I can get an adaptor made up locally and sending "dangerous goods" pressure bottles gets complicated. 

Yeah no worries, you can get the bottles cheap at Briscoes as well btw.

Matt if you want the adaptor let me know i can chuck it in a courier envelope to you - $20 would do it.

Awesome, thanks. I'll send you a PM. I think you have to accept my friend request first though.


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