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Has anyone done this? Any ideas how much you'd add vs a fresh equivalent? 

I'm going to try a lychee & lemongrass Kölsch (I know, I know... it won't be a Kölsch, but the base recipe should be simple enough)

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Yup I got 2 Kg frozen strawberries going into my strawberry sour as soon as I got my ss conical up and running. Lychee and Lemongrass sounds awesome in a Kolsch - add a bit of tartness by using tartaric acid (sparingly) and you got a whole new burst. My thinking is that frozen is better and you extract more of what you want vs fresh this is because freezing any fruit breaks open the cell walls and release more than when its used fresh, at least from having used it in both ways. So you probably want to use more fresh than frozen but hey, brew it to suit your taste.

Thanks for the advice. I've never used tartaric acid – how much, and at which point do you add?

Just before the end of the boil to sterlilize no more than 1/2 - 1 tsp depending on how much you like it

add a bit, taste and if not to taste add a bit more.


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