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Keg King Chillout III 30 Plate chiller SS $100

I think I only used this one twice and of coarse completely flushed it each time. Its practically brand new!

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Why are you selling. I have thought about these but I am concerned with the sanitation issues.

Cheers Mark

Have been upgrading my gear lately and this is just surplus to requirements, no problem cleaning,  just pump (or gravity feed)  hot cleaning solution thru the wort out then the wort in for five  or so mins then rinse, then next time before use sanitise with  sanitising solution (  starsan or  iodiphor ) or boiling water, I use both,  some people just bung them in a hot oven for 20 mins as its all metal

How long does it take to chill say 65 liters of wort on gravity. Oh will it work on gravity as I don't use a pump.

Yes it works with gravity needs at least a foot drop. Depends on how cold your water is and how fast you run your cold water thru, but I have put about 35L thru it, drops to pitching temp in about 15 mins


Im guessing chiller is sold by now??

I have one currently on trademe if the above one has been sold.



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