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Hello everybody,

kids will be gone, jobs are ticked off-ish, so a free weekend :D. My question for you brewers is, when it comes to mash out time & 76-78*C is reached, is it best to remove the bag o grains straight away or hold off for X amount of minutes. The reading I've done can be conflicting, some don't say while others suggest up to 15min?. Whats the general consensus, cheers.

started by David Wild.    


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Hey David, I have just done my 2nd BIAB now and didn't use a mash out.

I wasn't planning on sparging either, but after losing 1-2 litres from the pot being too full when I put my lid on (AGAIN, I thought I had reduced my totals enough so it wouldn't happen this time!), I "sparged" with 2 litres of 77C. Ended up 4 points over on my pre-boil estimate gravity reading but bang on for my OG.

I will have to look into sparging next time as it will allow my to have a slightly reduced volume when mashing.

Away from the computer for a while, come back WOW look @ all this, definately be trying the sparge option, right Rhyno. Reviled thanx for all the material, will look into the pH & citric acid thing too, future questions I'm sure. Matt hope you got a question or two answered, this forums gr8 man, cheers guys...to know ones self is to know ones system, lol.


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