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I've been trying to get hold of a few of these for a while (the sucky thing about living in Chch and working full time...) http://www.trademe.co.nz/Home-living/Outdoor-garden-conservatory/La...


So, as an alternative... what do you use? And what have your experiences been?

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I reckon it should be OK since it is food grade.


For my fermenting I have moved on from plastic buckets to Better Bottles for primary, and a glass carboy for secondary. I am about to dump the glass carboy since it scares me, and start using corny kegs for secondary. This way, if I decide that I am too lazy to rack it to another keg, I do not have to do anything, but hook it up to CO2. However, to rack it to another keg, all I would have to do is push it over with CO2.


Sweet set up I reckon. I may even start using cornies for primary too.



Where did you get your Better Bottles from?  I've heard they're as good as glass carboys but without the danger factor! I've only seen small ones for sale in NZ though.

I think Michael is currently living in the states...

Yes, Florida I think.


But I think denimglen talked about better bottles and brewers coop rings a bell.

I am in Miami for a bit longer, Ben. As such, I just went to the LHBS to pick a couple up.


These Better Bottles are quite good. I do have the glass carboy, but I do not use it anymore since I eschew losing beer and limbs. ;)  Maybe I can bring a few back when I move back to WLG.


Having said this, I reckon fermenting in corny kegs is going to be even better.


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