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Anyone using a Fermentasaurus under pressure? Supposedly you can ferment ales at 23c cleanly due to the pressure, maybe someone can comment. Also I am also wondering what pressure to set my spunding/pressure relief valve to? The fermenter can handle up to 35 psi but my PRV only goes to 15. Seems fairly new product not many youtube vids out there yet


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Why the clean fermentation under pressure?  

I've heard, only in relation to Saison yeast, that under pressure slows/stops fermentation.  

(Just ordered one but has yet to arrive..) 

Apparently pressure inhibits ester and fusel formation. I believe yeast is good to 15 psi and then slows fermentation.

You could always replace the gauge on your PRV. I had to when the original broke, it cost almost nothing. But 15 PSI seems to be about the high end of what I've read about pressure fermenting probably as you suggest due to yeast health issues.

Looks like a mint product, and very well priced compared to other conical and pressure systems out there. The ability to go form grain to glass in maybe 1 week (on certain styles) is the biggest selling point for me, yeast harvesting and oxygen reduction are cool too.

I have had the CO2 on the fermentasurus @ 30 psi for 2 days and its still drinking like an English bitter. Any guesses as to how long it will take to carb up to IPA levels?

agreed  if you can get your beer down to 2C for the carb its faster and easier... lower pressure required, i struggled with a kitchen fridge, so often now carb in a display fridge then move kegs to warmer fridge.     

Hey Mark hows brewing with the Fermentasaurus going? Are you managing to cut a lot off your grain to glass time with the ability to pressure ferment?

Gidday Cain, I ended up flicking it after 3 brews. I found when the brew was ready and I had drained half the saurus the carbonation was waning and I needed gas to get it to pour. So then I went to kegs and just used it as a fermenter but found when it difficult to transfer to keg when half carbed already.It will suit some homebrewers but I found it suited me better to go kegging. Also having your fermenter tied up as a serving vessel stopped the production line :-)


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