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Anyone keen on BREWDOG bevvies from Scotland, the have just released all their recipes ever made! Super generous...

Here: https://www.brewdog.com/diydog

Or here for link to PDF: https://6303ffd34a16b1ca5276-a9447b7dfa4ae38e337b359963d557c4.ssl.c...

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Brilliant, thanks for posting this.

I love Punk IPA. All those hops and £1.50 a bottle from Tesco supermarket. I'll still have a go at brewing it though.


It's a nice idea but there seem to be some massive errors in some of the recipes. I don't see how 34.5g of Sorachi Ace is going to give you 20L of 75IBU IPA.

Also a 17.2% imperial stout (20L) using under 6kg of grain! They've either gone seriously wrong with their calculations when scaling down recipes or they are taking the piss.

Yeah I noticed that too! A lot of the 'twist' additions don't have quantities listed at all. I'm sure it's not too hard to figure it out but doesn't really help with achieving an accurate version of the recipe.

My favourite is #95, the no hops international arms race beer.

Yes, I think they're being a bit disingenuous here, lots of big-noting themselves then a paucity of information.

For beers very dependent on the hop schedule nothing more detailed than Start, Middle, End & Dry is pretty poor.  Combined with the already mentioned massive errors in hop quantities makes this a fairly pointless release unfortunately.


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